Pano Aqil Cantonment was declared to be a Cantonment vide Govt of Pakistan Gazette Notification No. SRO. 1137(1)/85 OF Nov, 19th, 1985 and the Cantt Board was established in 1988. It is spread over an area of 11931.67 acres with 1807 households. It has been planned, designed and constructed by Pakistani Engineers and Consultants. The pace with which the Cantt has come up and the concern and attention whereby each aspect of its progress has been watched are unique. The land-scape and exceptional progress through different stages of construction is indicative that a beautiful Cantonment has become a reality, though much remains to be done for converting it into an urban community characterized by requisite values of urban culture.

         BACKGROUND : Located 40 km east of Sukkur city and just 6 km south – east of old Pano Aqil town, it is almost equidistant from Bahawalpur, Hyderabad and Quetta Cantonments. To have a peace-time location of troops as close to its operational areas as strategically, tactically and administratively feasible seems to be the basic criterion for the requirement of a Cantonment in upper Sindh, apart from Federal Govt’s recognition of the long-standing desideratum of evolution of Cantonment culture for well-being and awareness among, local Sindhi population.

Bazar Area

Bazar Area (measuring 58.09 Acres) was notified under section 43-A of Cantts Act 1924 vide Govt of Pakistan,Ministry of Defence Gazette Notification dated 19th   Sept, 1989.

1)       Date of Establishment of Cantonment Board Pano Aqil   1988


Area (Acres)





Units, Barracks, Lines, CMH, MES Office, BOQs, MOQs, OR lines, JCO Lines, Officer Colonies etc.

Land in the active occupation of the Army



Post Office, PO Colony, T&T Communication Building & Railway Administration.

Land which is occupied or used by the federal government except Ministry of  Defence



Bazar Area/DHS

Bazar Area managed by CB pano Aqil



Roads, Public Parks, Quarters ,Open Land etc

Land which is vested in the Board.







Population of Pano Aqil Cantonment


(as per 2017 census)

Bazar Area

58.09 Acres


01 Nos.

Grave Yard

01 No

Roads Length

55.74 K.M

Cantt Board Roads Lenght

2.13 K.M

M.E.S Roads  

53.61 K.M

Water Filteration Plants

1 Nos.

Street Lights

40 Nos.

CB Public High School

01 No.